Undergraduate Programs


School of Arts, Sciences and Technology

   Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Technology

   Bachelor of Science in Agriculture major in Crop Science

   Bachelor of Science in Biology

   Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

   Bachelor of Science in Electronic Engineering

   Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

   Bachelor  of  Music major in Music Education and Piano Pedagogy

School of Business

   Bachelor of Science in Accountancy

   Bachelor of Science in Accounting Technology

   Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Financial Management and in Marketing Management

   Bachelor of Science in Information Systems

   Bachelor of Science in Office Administration

School of Education 

  Bachelor of Elementary Education

  Bachelor of Secondary Education Majors in Biology, English, Mathematics & MAPEH

School of Nursing

  Bachelor of Science in Nursing

School of Theology

  Bachelor in Theology


Special Programs

English as a Second Language


Basic Education


Elementary School

Secondary School (K7-10)



Academic (K11 - K12):

ABM - Accountancy, Business,


STEM -  Science, Technology , Engineering and Mathematics

HUMSS - Humanities and Social


GAS - General Academic


       Home Economics, Caregiving, Bread and Pastry Production and Cookery

       Information and Communication


      Computer Hardware Servicing

      Computer Programing

Industrial Arts

     Shielded Metal Arc Welding,

     Automotive Servicing, and Consumer Electronics Servicing

Agri-Fishing Arts

      Horticulture, Organized farming and Crop Production

Sport Track

Arts and Design Track

     Major in  Performing Arts - Music



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