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     A Christ-centered nursing care is a ministry through which God’s love may be shared, and is an instrument that can lead patients and their families to recognize Him as Creator and Healer.

Mission Statement

     The Central Philippine Adventist College School of Nursing seeks to develop competent and compassionate Christian nurses to serve the worldwide community by promoting healthful living, by caring for the sick, and by sharing the good news of a loving God.


     Central Philippine Adventist College School of Nursing envisions to become a center of excellence, whose nursing graduates practice their profession as an art that is based on scientific knowledge and skills to assist individuals, families, and communities attain optimum health, and whose services are recognized nationally and globally.

Objectives of The BSN Curriculum:

     The curriculum aims to produce a fully functioning nurse who:

1. Demonstrates commitment, compassion and competence.

2. Practices legal, ethico-moral, social, and professional account-abilities.

3. Demonstrates creative critical thinking.

4. Practices competence in attitude, knowledge and skills in promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative aspects of care, and helps clients face death with peace and dignity.

In harmony with Biblical principles and injunctions “to teach the good tidings unto the poor, to bind up the broken hearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, recover the sight to the blind, and to comfort all that mourn,” the School of Nursing prepares professional Christian nurses who will minister to the individual, family, group or community in the spirit of dedication, compassion, care, competence, and love.

Objectives of the Department:

1.  To develop a person through scientifically based knowledge, skills and attitude, integrating faith in his response to the health needs of the Filipino community and the world.

2. To exhibit Filipino values, commitment and compassion in the care of clients, utilizing critical thinking and nursing process, to promote and restore health, prevent illness and alleviate the experience of pain and death.

3. To recruit and retain qualified professionals for an academically strong administration, faculty and staff who model Christian lifestyle, service, and behavior.

4. To enhance the desire for learning and professional growth through continuing professional education, formal and informal evaluation, research and other multifaceted approaches.

5. To maintain financial viability through fundamental Christian principles on stewardship of resources and funds.


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