Classes Break as Academy Students Take Part in SG Days Featured

Friday, 18 August 2017 06:37
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From August 7 to 11, 2017, academy students took a break from their classes

as they, as what the Student Government (SG) Days theme urges them to do – to take part and get involved for God’s glory.’

During the chapel period before the weeklong activity, the academy principal, Mrs. Delcy Melliza, had oriented the students on how SG Days are to be observed in CPAC-Academy. She pointed several reasons why there are SG Days. First, the main purpose of SG Days is for students to be able to rest their minds from their academic activities since June. It seeks to improve sportsmanship, encourage participation among students and form new friendship with students from other levels or strands. It intends to build teamwork and to bring out the sense of responsibility not only of the SG officers but of the members as well. The non-sports activities such as the mental games and literary and musical contests of the SG Days also aim to showcase talents of students. Most importantly, the SG Days are meant to be fun for one and all.

Since one of the goals of the SG Days is to maximize participation of all students, the junior high and senior high school had separate activities and categories but took place simultaneously until Friday, August 11.

The senior high students were grouped according to their strands. However, strands such as ABM and HUMSS who have less number of male members, have to import 15 males from STEM A 11 and Tech-Voc A 11 to level out the discrepancy in the number of members. This was agreed upon during a meeting by the SHS SG officers and homeroom presidents with the SG sponsors and the principal herself on Thursday last week. Meanwhile, junior high school students were divided into four mixed groups of Grades 7-10 students and were given color names for their teams.

The junior high students wrapped up their games on Thursday, August 10; however, due to time constraints, their awarding was postponed until Monday this week.

The Violet Royalties placed 4th; the Green Sovereigns landed on the 3rd place; the Red Kings bragged the 2nd spot and the Blue Premier came in first. Nevertheless, everyone is a champion so long as they played to have fun and to make more friends among their team and with others during the SG Days.

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