Batch 2017 BLEPT Perfor-mance Closes to 100% Featured

Tuesday, 16 January 2018 14:25
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 Fifteen out of sixteen first-takers from the 2017 graduates of Bachelor of Secondary Education

who took the Board Licensure Ex-amination for Professional Teachers (BLEPT) on September 2017 successfully passed the board examination, according to the Profes-sional Regulations Commission (PRC) result released on November 2017.   

The following are the successful takers:


Meloujen Bajuyo

Aladdin Candido

Grachelle Castaño

Kayne Farrah Patrona



Wilsa Amar

Virginia Anes

Vivian Belong

Joy Soliva



Marivic Blaza

Michael Cuevas

Nikki Montano

Shelabel Perales



Mersol Antone

Ethele Grace Valdez Alyanna Vidal

Cyranie Dawn Mae Villaruz



Arlyn Bontia

Mithel Saladaga



Leonito Anciano

Julie Bartolome

Princess Joy Lardera


Takers with Education Units

Judson Glenn Aral (BTh)



   The passing rate of the first takers for Secondary Education was 93.75%. Takers for Elementary Education passed at 40%. 

   Overall, Secondary Education tak-ers had a rating of 54.55%, which means 14 repeaters and 5 first timers from the previous graduates did not make it successfully during the board exam. Elementary Education takers also earned an average of 21.43% since eight out of nine repeaters and three from the first takers did not pass. 

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